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Health Topic is like a comet, a small phrase with long tail.

Tail covers food one eats, water he drinks, life style he follows, his work, his thinking, Time management, social surrounding he is living in etc. But in nut shell it is a human being with an instinct to survive.. has researched on all these aspects and come up with correct information on each of them that give the desired results.

Food section covers from cereals to pulses, vegetables and fruits, dairy products to dry fruits.

  • Medicine section goes deep in to allopath, ayurved, homeopathy, herbs and other supplements. It also covers alternative medicine like Reiki, Acupuncture, Yoga, Aroma therapy, massage therapy and many more.
  • Life style section has topics social behavior, clothes, coping with weather, symptoms of aging, retaining and enhancing the healthy traits.
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