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We keep on looking at the past records (for omissions and commissions) to find remedy for unconquered disease like HIV positive.

The word medicine is derived from the Latin “ars medicina”, meaning the art of healing.

From the pre historic days, the health and well-being of man kind has been the primary cause of survival.

Man kind has always looked for way and means which would help him in getting cured as early as possible.

  • It did include herbs, minerals and spiritualism. As the progress evolved, it became refined. And today medicine has become the art and science of healing.
  • In modern times the illness is being treated by Surgeons with mastery over specific organ (or organs). This has resulted into close examination of the medicine administered. The dosage, effectiveness, side effects, and even cost are subject under supervision. Today treatments are divided and subdivided for specialization. At we study the patterns that are emerging form the recorded data.
  • We find specialized medicines and treatments specifically for: Anesthesiology & Pain Management, Cardiovascular Disorders, Critical Care & Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Gastroenterology & Hematology, Hematology, Infectious Diseases, and Nephrology, Neurological Disorders, Oncology, Psychiatry, Public Health & Epidemiology, Respiratory Disorders, Rheumatology & Clinical, Immunology, Urology and Women's Health.
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